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Interesting Links for 21-10-2018


Interesting Links for 13-07-2017

How video encoding works (a very simple introduction)
(tags: video Technology )
The touching effect of putting an autistic hero into a computer game
(tags: games diversity autism )
Overwatch: Bigger than the Premier League? (No. But people are trying...)
(tags: games sports money competition )
Is Decentralized Storage Sustainable?
(tags: design storage internet economics decentralisation )
Greening announces 'evidence champion' for schools
(tags: Education )
Pthalates linked to chronic disease in men
(tags: pthalates plastic disease )
Government refuses to release report into Saudi Arabia’s funding of Islamist extremism in UK
(tags: saudiarabia terrorism politics uk )
Inside the World of Chinese Bitcoin ‘Mining’ (Some great photos)
(tags: bitcoin china )
At 56, a ‘Light Bulb’ Goes Off and a Firefighter Emerges
(tags: fire age life )
The British View the War of 1812 Quite Differently Than Americans Do
As a Brit I have to admit that I had no idea that there _was_ a war with America in 1812
(tags: war uk usa france canada history )
The Facebook Algorithm Mom Problem
(tags: facebook algorithm mother OhForFucksSake fail )
Radiohead releases a surprise ZX Spectrum program for OK Computer anniversary
(tags: music software )
Visa To Pay Restaurants To Stop Taking Cash
(tags: restaurant money Technology )
A Kingdom for a Horse: Kokpar and the Future of Kazakhstan
“There are no Kazakhs,” he says. “Stalin made us up.”
(tags: kazakhstan horses )
Scientists replay movie encoded in DNA
(tags: dna genetics movies )
"I think I am becoming accustomed to the sight of guns."
(tags: guns society UK France Scotland )
Unix Time 1,500M – Friday July 14 02:40GMT
(tags: time unix thefuture )
New corporate criminal offences of failure to prevent tax evasion effective from 30 September
(tags: law tax uk )
Post-apocalyptic Dilbert
(tags: dilbert apocalypse comic )

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