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Wiped Out - Birthday aftermath

I'm sitting back at home, listening to the wind blowing through the window and a train passing 150 feet away, inching slowly towards a state of total collapse.

Today was a good birthday.  In fact, combined with the meal on Wednesday it was probably the best birthday I've had since I was too young to know better.

We all arrived back at Hugh's at 3:00, joined shortly thereafter by George and Nick, and then proceeded to play Poker and Robo Rally.  I went for the game of robotic destruction, and while I failed to win, I had a damn good time coming (a predicted) third.  At that point (6:00-ish) half the people leapt off to catch trains back to Bathgate/Stirling and the rest of us settled in for a quick hour-long Poker game, which was exceedingly good fun.

I then decided to quit while I was ahead, and retreated home, along with numerous small presents from people.  I'd told a fair few not to get me anything, but seem to have missed a few, who got me some very cool things.  For instance, Hal got me a lego version of the Anakin/Vader transformation scene, Adam and Bekka got me a brain-melting 3D puzzle, Jackie got me a Zaphod Beeblebrox figure and Lilian got me Nova Scotia - a collection of Scottish Speculative Fiction, which includes writing by Ken Mcleod and Charlie Stross, both of whom I like.

Anyway, have now collapsed, feeling entirely sociaised out, and plan to spend the rest of the evening doing a little tidying up and maybe brushing my hair...
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