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I'm going in and I'm going in full throttle

In 20 minutes I'm heading to the station to catch a train to London, where it's apparently going to be 30 degrees.  In Texas this wouldn't be a problem, because you'dmove from air-conditioned house to air-conditioned mall via air-conditioned car.  In London I'll be moving from boiling outside to muggy inside via exploding transport.  The nearest I'm likely to get to air-conditioning is the occasional slowly spinning fan.

I'm travelling as light as humanly possible - I'm down to see Los Parentes on Thursday, so I'm going to use their washing facilities and only carry clothes for Wednesday/Thursday and reuse them for Friday/Saturday.  This may even allow me space to take down "Extreme Programming Adventures in C#" for some light reading.

Brief travel plan:
Tonight - DrFlickta's place. 
Tomorrow, Nine Inch Nails with brother drainboy
Thursday, Devon with the parents. 
Friday, back up to drainboy (possibly with surliminal.
Saturday,recovering from Friday. Sunday, back up to Scotland.

Right, now to get a few songs onto the MP3 player, then I can run away to the southlands.
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