Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
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Interesting Links for 09-11-2021

Ancient wild bees found at Blenheim Palace
(tags:bees )
The Feynman Technique: The Best Way to Learn Anything
(tags:advice learning teaching )
Portugal makes it illegal for your boss to text you after work
(tags:portugal work working_hours )
Walmart is using fully driverless trucks to ramp up its online grocery business
(tags:automation driving transport usa )
Disney Plus is upgrading Marvel movies to IMAX aspect ratio
(tags:marvel movies Disney )
Do you think Boris Johnson just likes killing people?
(tags:BorisJohnson murder Pandemic hospital OhForFucksSake )
The Popularity of E-Bikes Isn’t Slowing Down
(tags:bicycles )
What if Xi Jinping just isn't that competent?
(tags:China viaDanielDWilliam )
Alan Cumming Answers Every Question We Have About The Best Bond Movie
(tags:movies JamesBond history )
‘I’m Overdue for a Discussion About My Role in Inspiring ‘Edgelord’ Shit’: A Conversation with Steve Albini
(tags:history society USA offensive music ViaDrCross )
When is the revolution in architecture coming?
(tags:architecture )
Why did ancient Egypt spend 3000 years playing a game nobody else liked?
(tags:games history archeology Egypt )

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