Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 05-11-2021

Genshin Impact Made More Money in Its First Year Than Any Other Game
(tags:games money )
The HPV immunisation programme has successfully almost eliminated cervical cancer in women born since Sept 1, 1995 in the UK
(tags:cancer vaccination virus uk viaDrDoug )
Why is Delta so infectious? New lab tool spotlights little noticed mutation that speeds viral spread
(tags:virus Pandemic )
The original "Meta" are not happy that Facebook have tried to steal their name
(tags:names law business Facebook USA )
Brexit red tape knocks £17bn off UK trade with EU in just three months
(tags:uk europe trade doom )
Biden orders US companies to vaccinate all staff by January 4 or face fines up to $136,000
(tags:usa vaccination )
How to Never Be Wrong
(tags:comic funny argument stupidity )
Idea for alternate take on Foundation
(tags:scifi asimov )

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Tags: argument, asimov, business, cancer, comic, doom, europe, facebook, funny, games, law, links, money, names, pandemic, scifi, stupidity, trade, uk, usa, vaccination, viadrdoug, virus

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