Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

A sensible piece of strategy by the SNP

When there was an Independence-minded majority at the last Scottish election Nicola Sturgeon announced that any future referendum wouldn't take place until Covid was under control.

I think this is sensible for three reasons. The first two I've heard people talk about, but somehow not the third*.

Firstly, campaigning is a lot harder when you can't go door to door, leaflet in public, etc.
Secondly, it would be in somewhat bad taste, and leave her open to criticism, to be distracting from dealing with the pandemic.
But thirdly, right now the UK government can take every criticism of the way they run the country, and how Brexit is affecting us, and say "Oh no, it would all be fine if it wasn't for Covid." Postponing until Covid is at most a minor annoyance means that there will be nothing to blame *except* Brexit.

Of course, it is not impossible that by then we'll have fixed all of the issues, be best chums with our European neighbours, and all of the Remainers will be having to admit that they were wrong the whole time, and that raising trade barriers with our nearest and largest markets isn't a fucking awful idea that will cause economic devestation.

But if it does turn out that Brexit causes a few issues, it will be more obivous by then, and it won't be possible to blame it on a virus.

*I fully expect someone to comment with a prominent example of it within seconds of me posting this.
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