Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 11-10-2021

4 poems I like
(tags:poetry )
A Massive Subterranean 'Tree' Is Moving Magma to Earth's Surface
(tags:earth volcano geology )
The basic principles of corn maze safety
(tags:funny horror autumn wheat )
The Best RSS Feeders
(tags:RSS advice )
Some interesting thoughts on the "bad art friend" feud
(tags:art writing argument law morality plagiarism )
I didn't realise that "nickname" and "eke out a living" were linguistically connected!
(tags:language history English )
Sir Lenny Henry On Being A Black Hobbit In The Lord Of The Rings
(tags:lotr race )
Coal is suddenly getting very expensive
(tags:coal business )

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Tags: advice, argument, art, autumn, business, coal, earth, english, funny, geology, history, horror, language, law, links, lotr, morality, plagiarism, poetry, race, rss, volcano, wheat, writing

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