Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 08-10-2021

World's largest floating wind farm planned off Dounreay in Scotland
(tags:windpower scotland sea )
When art is drawn from life, who owns it, and who can write about it?
(tags:art organdonor viaSwampers writing intellectual_property )
Worst. Miracle. Ever.
(tags:religion funny )
7 spectacular moths taking off in slow motion
(tags:flight video slowmotion insects )
Broken transport networks outside of London cut off people from possible jobs
(tags:jobs transport uk epicfail )
Sky launches streaming TV service - but only if you buy an actual TV from them (The stupidest idea I've hear so far today)
(tags:tv sky streaming wtf )
Pfizer vaccine: New study shows effectiveness waning six months after second shot - but continues to protect against hospitalisation and death
(tags:vaccination pandemic )

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Tags: art, epicfail, flight, funny, insects, intellectual_property, jobs, links, organdonor, pandemic, religion, scotland, sea, sky, slowmotion, streaming, transport, tv, uk, vaccination, viaswampers, video, windpower, writing, wtf

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