Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 02-10-2021

New Covid drug cuts risk of death by 50 per cent
(tags:pandemic medication )
Barbie fashion: 1066 - 1986
(tags:clothing history dolls ViaDrCross )
UK Voters Are Majority Pro-Choice Across The Political Spectrum And Support Extension Of At-Home Abortion
(tags:abortion UK demographics )
Left-Wing Authoritarianism Is Real And Needs To Be Taken Seriously In Political Psychology
(tags:politics authoritarianism psychology )
An example of the police covering up child abuse by a former officer
(tags:police abuse children UK corruption OhForFucksSake )
Amazing photos of women in motion - and how they're taken
(tags:women photography )
Some educators really have a way with words
(tags:education funny )

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Tags: abortion, abuse, authoritarianism, children, clothing, corruption, demographics, dolls, education, funny, history, links, medication, ohforfuckssake, pandemic, photography, police, politics, psychology, uk, viadrcross, women

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