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Behold the face of norovirus! (And stop reading now if you're squeamish)

Tuesday night Sophia threw up at 01:30 and 02:30 and Gideon threw up at 03:30 and 05:30. I changed a lot of sheets that night. . Wednesday the nursery told us that norovirus was going around. We spent Wednesday working half days each while looking after sick kids. Sophia's diarrhoea and vomiting stopped almost immediately, but Gideon kept on filling his nappy on a regular basis.

Thursday we started off doing likewise, except that around 3pm Jane had clearly caught it, and spent the rest of the day, until about 8pm, dashing to the toilet. I took care of the two sick kids, who thankfully only wanted to watch Bluey (Sophia) and sleep (Gideon).

After 6 hours of hell Jane was feeling a little better, which was good, because that's when my symptoms kicked in. Feeling hot and cold and clearly in need of the bathroom. We made it work between us and between Sophia watching videos in the bathroom next to me and Gideon lying in bed next to Jane while she threw up in a bucket nobody died.

Today has been two days since Sophia's last symptoms so she's back off to nursery, and the remaining three members of the family are going to have a very gentle day at home. Jane and I haven't eaten since lunch yesterday but she just had some sweet tea and I think I might be able to keep that down. Keep your fingers crossed for us!
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