Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 23-09-2021

World's largest floating offshore wind farm begins operation off the coast of Scotland
(tags:Scotland windpower viaDanielDWilliam )
Taiwan applies to join Pacific trade deal just days after China
(tags:taiwan china trade )
Microplastics are coming out of our babies! (10x more than they come out of adults)
(tags:faeces plastic babies )
Warnings instead of prosecution for Class A drug users in Scotland
(tags:drugs Scotland )
Dark Souls 10th anniversary tour. (Gorgeous and haunting.)
(tags:video games )
Priti Patel's asylum plan will break international law, says UNHCR
(tags:refugee UK OhForFucksSake )
China to stop building coal plants in developing nations
(tags:china coal GoodNews globalwarming )
Israel Killed an Iranian Nuclear Scientist With a Robot Sniper
(tags:israel iran robots guns )

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Tags: babies, china, coal, drugs, faeces, games, globalwarming, goodnews, guns, iran, israel, links, ohforfuckssake, plastic, refugee, robots, scotland, taiwan, trade, uk, viadanieldwilliam, video, windpower

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