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Interesting Links for 22-09-2021

"Why I Can't Write Competence Porn"
(tags:competency scifi writing )
We are living through a Russia-controlled fossil fuel shock. Net zero is the solution - not the problem
(tags:electricity energy russia uk europe renewables )
r/BritishFoodShortages - cataloguing the sunlit uplands of our glorious future
(tags:Doom food shopping UK trade )
Kat Dennings Tells Us How Neil Gaiman Honest-To-God Told Her To 'Be Yourself' While Playing Death In 'The Sandman'
(tags:neilgaiman sandman acting audio )
Edinburgh's Christmas to be spread across more of the city
(tags:Edinburgh Christmas )
Government Strikes Deal To Reopen Key Plants Amid CO2 Shortage Crisis
(tags:co2 UK )
Britons getting less tolerant of racist and transphobic language on TV, Ofcom finds
(tags:language racism transgender LGBT UK swearing )
Online dating site OkCupid Features "Pro-Choice" Badge
(tags:abortion relationships internet )
Biden pours cold water on prospect of early US/UK trade deal - reiterates that the UK shouldn't force a closed border in Ireland
(tags:uk ireland NorthernIreland usa trade europe )
Are President Biden's comments on 'the Irish Accords' a life line for the Human Rights Act?
(tags:Europe UK law humanrights rights NorthernIreland )

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Tags: abortion, acting, audio, christmas, co2, competency, doom, edinburgh, electricity, energy, europe, food, humanrights, internet, ireland, language, law, lgbt, links, neilgaiman, northernireland, racism, relationships, renewables, rights, russia, sandman, scifi, shopping, swearing, trade, transgender, uk, usa, writing

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