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Interesting Links for 02-09-2021

The rise of period pants: are they the answer to menstrual landfill - and women's prayers?
(tags:menstruation clothing )
Scots to need vaccine passports for large events
(tags:scotland vaccination pandemic )
Scotland had fourth hottest summer on record
(tags:Scotland temperature )
Round animals!
Anyone complaining that some of them are unhealthy will be roundly booed.
(tags:animals )
Beware of all of these dogs. Their cuteness levels are too high
(tags:dogs cute )
Google's new AI photo technology guesses what details might have been there in a very believable way!
(tags:ai photos )
Pair complete UK's longest straight-line challenge
(tags:uk walking )
White 'old boys' network holding ethnic minority surgeons back from job promotions
(tags:uk racism nhs doctors sexism )
Dogs can distinguish between deliberate acts and accidents
(tags:dogs psychology )
Five Myths About the Taliban's New Arsenal
(tags:taliban afghanistan military viaDanielDWilliam )
What happens to your brain when you give up sugar?
(tags:brain sugar dopamine addiction )
Neil Gaiman's 11 Geekiest Cameo Appearances
(tags:neilgaiman TV radio )
Mayday trailer - Metaphorical sirens as female revenge fantasy. Looks interesting, and rather gorgeously shot.
(tags:women society movies trailer )
I'd wondered why John Varley's "Irontown Blues" hadn't had great reviews. And now I know!
(tags:scifi writing OhForFucksSake publishing )

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