Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 30-08-2021

The autistic spectrum is not a line
(tags:autism )
Adobe: The Psychology of User Offboarding (Or: How to keep them subscribing)
(tags:Adobe psychology OhForFucksSake )
Psychologists Have Uncovered a Troubling Feature of People Who Seem Nice All the Time
(tags:niceness psychology torture )
Train Wheels Are Cones
(tags:trains design )
To China's chagrin, Japan-Taiwan talks could pave the way for closer ties
(tags:Japan China Taiwan )
Everything turns into crabs or weasels
(tags:animals evolution )
Spectrum of theistic probability (I used to be a 6, nowadays I'm Ignostic)
(tags:religion atheism )

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Tags: adobe, animals, atheism, autism, china, design, evolution, japan, links, niceness, ohforfuckssake, psychology, religion, taiwan, torture, trains

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