Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 28-08-2021

Google understands what I'm looking for in a phone
(tags:Google video funny technology Android phones )
Boris Johnson 'privately accepts' up to 50,000 annual Covid deaths as an acceptable level
(tags:death pandemic UK )
Russian Warhammer 40k LARP looks amazing (and intense)
(tags:Warhammer larp )
Microsoft won't stop you installing Windows 11 on older PCs
(tags:Windows obsolescence GoodNews )
Why Windows 11 has such strict hardware requirements, according to Microsoft
(tags:Microsoft Windows security processor )
What happens when you take a Trump lawsuit seriously?
(tags:politics law USA fraud )
Intergenerational inequality is just ludicrously large
(tags:inequality history demographics visualisation viaSwampers )
Just William, The Omen, and the Jew of Malta - how Good Omens came to be
(tags:neilgaiman terrypratchett writing )
Facebook "transparency report" turns out to be anything but
(tags:transparency Facebook fraud )
UK loses 83% of department stores since BHS collapsed five years ago
(tags:shopping UK )
UK Government to ban single-use plastic cutlery
(tags:UK plastic environment )
Ancient four-legged whale found in Egypt named after god of death
(tags:paleontology whales )

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