Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 17-08-2021

Scottish pubs are running out of beer
(tags:alcohol scotland doom )
Software development culture done right
(tags:software development working_hours )
Internet revamp for the humble UK landline
(tags:uk phones Technology )
Why does vaccine breakthrough happen? And why just in the throat?
(tags:vaccine immune_system pandemic )
Edinburgh's first fully electric double decker buses arrive
(tags:Edinburgh buses electricity )
Retail giant Hobby Lobby loses dogged 11-year battle to ban trans woman from bathroom
(tags:USA law transgender )
MasterCard to start phasing out magnetic stripes in 2024
(tags:money credit technology banking obsolescence )
Apple are just awful (this time: keyboard apps)
(tags:Apple iPhone OhForFucksSake )
Some transphobes just lost a court case against the EHRC - here's the judgement explained
(tags:lgbt transgender law UK )
The rabbi who was also a priest
(tags:Jews OhForFucksSake christianity history USA viaPatrickHadfield )
microCOVID Project - estimating risk levels of various activities
(tags:pandemic risk )
UK To Increase Aid Spending On Afghanistan By 10% After Cutting It By 78%
(tags:uk aid afghanistan )

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Tags: afghanistan, aid, alcohol, apple, banking, buses, christianity, credit, development, doom, edinburgh, electricity, history, immune_system, iphone, jews, law, lgbt, links, money, obsolescence, ohforfuckssake, pandemic, phones, risk, scotland, software, technology, transgender, uk, usa, vaccine, viapatrickhadfield, working_hours

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