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Interesting Links for 12-08-2021

How To Be A Number One Dad
(tags:parenting comic true )
Wagner: Scale of Russian mercenary mission in Libya exposed
(tags:russia libya war )
Edinburgh councillors propose plan to crack down on short-term lets
(tags:Scotland Edinburgh housing rental )
This will make a lot of people I know feel very old
(tags:Livejournal age funny )
What are Prince Andrew's options over the sex abuse court case?
(tags:sex abuse royalty )
Ubisoft employees come out in support of Activision Blizzard employees
(tags:abuse work games )
Almost no trait is controlled by a single gene - not even eye colour
(tags:genes )
Autistic kids can now be electrocuted by teachers in USA if they are disobedient
(tags:USA torture electricity autism )
"Raiders of the Lost Ark" Story Conference
(tags:movies writing history )
Moderna Vaccine Significantly More Effective Against Delta Variant Than Pfizer
(tags:vaccine pandemic )
Covid in Scotland: Hospitals under more pressure than ever (catching up with untreated patients whose cases have become more complex)
(tags:pandemic nhs scotland )
Feminism, biological fundamentalism and the attack on trans rights
(tags:transgender society LGBT )
Two-thirds of Brits support raising National Insurance to pay for social care reform
(tags:uk tax )
New guidance on supporting transgender pupils in Scottish schools
(tags:scotland school transgender )

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