Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 09-08-2021

Major U.K. science funder to require grantees to make papers immediately free to all
(tags:science research publishing uk GoodNews )
Four officers who defended U.S. Capitol against attack have died by suicide
(tags:suicide USA police )
Xsolla fires 150 employees using big data and AI analysis, CEO's letter causes controversy. (and rightly so)
(tags:work OhForFucksSake redundancy technology ai )
What did Margaret Thatcher have to say about climate change?
(tags:margaretthatcher conservatives globalwarming environment pollution )
'Tortured phrases' give away fabricated research papers (what are journals paid for again?)
(tags:research publishing fraud translation ai OhForFucksSake )
Global Warming: IPCC report is 'code red for humanity'
(tags:globalwarming doom )
Exams remain the best way to guarantee standards, says The Commission on School Reform
(tags:exams school scotland )
Nicaraguan liberals forcibly disbanded by Ortega regime
(tags:nicaragua democracy liberal )
Chinese scientists develop world's strongest glass that's as hard as diamond
(tags:glass china )
Lorry driver showing off his 1337 skills
(tags:tea driving impressive ViaDrCross video )
Vodafone to bring back roaming charges from January
(tags:uk europe phones )

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Tags: ai, china, conservatives, democracy, doom, driving, environment, europe, exams, fraud, glass, globalwarming, goodnews, impressive, liberal, links, margaretthatcher, nicaragua, ohforfuckssake, phones, police, pollution, publishing, redundancy, research, school, science, scotland, suicide, tea, technology, translation, uk, usa, viadrcross, video, work

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