Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 15-07-2021

Why are British place names so hard to pronounce?
(tags:language uk history maps video )
Magic! Darkest magic!
(tags:video ViaDrCross magic )
The Ugly Carpets of Vegas are Hideously Clever Social Engineering at Work - Or Are They?
(tags:LasVegas design )
'Edinburgh Butterfly and Insect World to close doors for good after nearly 40 years (I was really looking forward to taking Sophia!)
(tags:Edinburgh insects sad )
Why the government did not 'override' an Act of Parliament over overseas aid - the concerning thing is that the government acted in accordance with the law
(tags:law UK aid )
Labels keep 86% of streaming revenues, leaving a pittance for the artists
(tags:music money )
How To Fix Your Joycon Drift Permanently!
(tags:Nintendo video fail )
Racism fuelling far-right threat in UK - MI5's Ken McCallum warns
(tags:racism uk terrorism )
EU unveils sweeping climate change plan
(tags:europe globalwarming )
Is this Britain's oldest intact home? (9th century, carved out of rock)
(tags:homes uk history )

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