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Interesting Links for 06-07-2021

Students flee field as computer "fad" fades
(tags:computers history headline )
"'Mendel's Quest,' aka 'Angry Jew,' Helped Me Embrace My Heritage"
(tags:Jews apps history )
Green light in Edinburgh for Scotland's largest net zero housing project
(tags:Edinburgh housing globalwarming Scotland )
Epstein-Barr virus reactivation may be the cause of long COVID symptoms
(tags:pandemic immune_system virus )
Scotland to keep face masks for public transport and shops
(tags:Pandemic Scotland transport shopping )
Lambda variant: What is the new strain of Covid detected in the UK?
(tags:UK pandemic )
How many robots does it take to run a grocery store? (Incredible video)
(tags:robots shopping video )
Warhammer 40k Timeline In 20 Mins! From the 21st Century to the 41st Millenium
(tags:Warhammer history video )
Mind-controlling parasite makes hyena cubs more reckless around lions
(tags:Parasites lions brain )
Most attempts to improve the world fail. That doesn't mean they aren't important
(tags:Revolution history protests )

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