Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 05-07-2021

When "Ma'am" and "Sir" Just Don't Work (Gender Neutral and Nonbinary-Exclusive Language; A Small Guide)
(tags:language gender )
This thread is a delightful little spooky short story
(tags:short_story horror Twitter )
In Thailand, blood sacrifice is out. Strawberry Fanta is in.
(tags:religion Thailand food colour )
How can Christian fundamentalists be anti-Semitic and Pro-Israel at the same time?
(tags:christianity Jews OhForFucksSake Israel )
St James Quarter floods as heavy rainfall batters Edinburgh during storm
(tags:Edinburgh weather rain shopping )
World's largest ever four day week trial in Iceland 'overwhelming success'
(tags:work working_hours Iceland )
Brian Blessed's Tarzan story is delightful
(tags:movies Disney voice )
Ships! Cats! In! Tiny! Hammocks!
(tags:cats navy history photos viaSwampers )
City streets need trees
(tags:trees cities temperature )
Transmission of Covid between 2 people who used the same bathroom 40 minutes apart
(tags:toilet pandemic Doom Epidemiology )

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Tags: cats, christianity, cities, colour, disney, doom, edinburgh, epidemiology, food, gender, history, horror, iceland, israel, jews, language, links, movies, navy, ohforfuckssake, pandemic, photos, rain, religion, shopping, short_story, temperature, thailand, toilet, trees, twitter, viaswampers, voice, weather, work, working_hours

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