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Interesting Links for 03-07-2021

New 'Alien' TV Series Will Be Class Warfare With Xenomorphs (from the showrunner of Fargo)
(tags:TV aliens )
Scottish Greens say SQA teaching benefits of climate change
(tags:globalwarming scotland Education )
Loch Ness falls to lowest water level in five years
(tags:LochNess scotland water )
Here's what a Falcon 9 looks like after 8 flights to space in a year
(tags:space recycling Spacex )
Drop-in vaccination clinics to open across mainland Scotland
(tags:Scotland vaccination pandemic )
Five Former Treasury Secretaries: Enable the IRS to fight tax evasion
(tags:tax USA )
Radioactive hybrid terror pigs have made themselves a home in Fukushima's exclusion zone
(tags:pigs radiation Japan headline )
What *is* classic liberalism?
(tags:politics history liberal )
Apps with 5.8 million Google Play downloads stole users' Facebook passwords
(tags:Facebook passwords apps android )
Queer readings of The Lord of the Rings are not accidents
(tags:LGBT lotr history )
Two more cis Black women banned from Olympics for their natural testosterone levels
(tags:women testosterone Olympics OhForFucksSake )
The Gulf of Mexico is on fire
(tags:Mexico sea fire oil )
High Court backs trans women being housed in women's prisons
(tags:LGBT transgender women prison UK )
A useful list of things that have to be explained in writing workshops
(tags:writing advice viaFJM )
English school planning on abusing children
(tags:school abuse UK OhForFucksSake )
When a nerd has a pH monitoring capsule implanted, what else are they going to do but intercept the signals and try to decode them?
(tags:hacks radio technology medicine )
Driver shortage crisis: Major suppliers axe deliveries
(tags:transport UK Europe Doom )
This mudslide in Japan is terrifying
(tags:earth Japan terrifying video )

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