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Interesting Links for 30-06-2021

Google is still not the all-knowing, almighty search engine as 15 percent of queries are 'never seen before' by tech giant
I want to know what they're for!
(tags:Google viaSwampers )
Good Omens season 2 is coming (co-written with John Finnemore!)
(tags:tv neilgaiman terrypratchett scifi viaMyBrotherHugh )
IKEA Loveseats Inspired By Pride Flags
(tags:LGBT IKEA furniture )
Northern Ireland voters evenly split over post-Brexit protocol
(tags:NorthernIreland UK Europe polls trade )
Windows 11 will leave millions of PCs behind
(tags:Windows Microsoft security obsolescence )
Civil partnerships in Scotland extended to mixed-sex couples
(tags:marriage Scotland )
Civil partnership may not be recognised abroad
(tags:UK marriage law international )
The dynamics of oil droplets are beautiful and fascinating
(tags:oil patterns video )
Troll Bridge (The only TV/movie of Pratchett that has ever felt like the books to me)
(tags:terrypratchett video troll fantasy )

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