Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 28-06-2021

The number of "gender critical" transphobes there are on Twitter is much lower than you'd think
(tags:LGBT Twitter transgender bigotry )
How do the original inhabitants of Catan feel all these damned settlers?
(tags:games empire society )
Google launches a new medical app—outside the United States (can match the performance of dermatologists)
(tags:healthcare apps Google )
The Secret Workings of Smell Receptors, Revealed At Last
(tags:smell biology )
You can see the UK's bigotry from space!
(tags:UK bigotry LGBT transgender )
GB News gets five times fewer than Welsh language Paw Patrol
(tags:TV UK Wales )
FCA bans world's largest crypto-currency exchange Binance
(tags:cryptography money uk regulation )
Earth is trapping twice as much heat as it did in 2005
(tags:globalwarming Doom )
Stalking for Love - the movie trope that tells young men that obsessively overriding women's wishes is the route to true love
(tags:love romance movies TV video stalking )
I had not realised how offensive my facial hair was
(tags:hair moustache funny comic )

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Tags: apps, bigotry, biology, comic, cryptography, doom, empire, funny, games, globalwarming, google, hair, healthcare, lgbt, links, love, money, moustache, movies, regulation, romance, smell, society, stalking, transgender, tv, twitter, uk, video, wales

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