Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 26-06-2021

Men: Why can't they shut up?
(tags:women men talking communication psychology )
Warren Ellis issues apology over how he treated women. Waiting to see how this goes.
(tags:WarrenEllis women apology )
Why has the sea off part of Scotland turned turquoise?
(tags:scotland sea colour )
New blood test can find 50 types of cancer (accuracy levels are problematic, but it's an interesting start)
(tags:cancer blood )
It's True: Stress Does Turn Hair Gray (And It's Reversible)
(tags:stress hair colour )
The military's top officer schools congressmen on critical race theory, 'white rage' and communism
(tags:USA military racism politics )
"I Was Taught From a Young Age to Protect My Dynastic Wealth"
(tags:wealth tax society epicfail )
Brighton Palace Pier: Hundreds overcharged £2,100 for rides (system mixed up date and amount)
(tags:epicfail money computers )
Russia's Gigantic Submarine, Belgorod, Sails For The First Time
(tags:Submarine Russia )
New solar is cheaper to build than to run existing coal plants in China, India and most of Europe
(tags:viaDanielDWilliam renewables )
NFC flaws let researchers hack an ATM by waving a phone
(tags:hacking banks technology )
Explaining Derek Chauvin's sentencing
(tags:law USA prison )
Smart screens on fridge doors in shops is a terrible idea
(tags:technology awful shopping advertising )
Even mild COVID in young people often leads to long-term symptoms
(tags:Pandemic Doom )

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Tags: advertising, apology, awful, banks, blood, cancer, colour, communication, computers, doom, epicfail, hacking, hair, law, links, men, military, money, pandemic, politics, prison, psychology, racism, renewables, russia, scotland, sea, shopping, society, stress, submarine, talking, tax, technology, usa, viadanieldwilliam, warrenellis, wealth, women

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