Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 15-06-2021

The way Louisiana isn't racist. At all.
(tags:racism history USA Education school OhForFucksSake )
Scotland's new blood donation rules come into force. (more LGBT friendly than they used to be)
(tags:LGBT blood donations Scotland )
We have another highly effective COVID vaccine, based on different tech
(tags:vaccine pandemic GoodNews )
Scientists discover particle that transforms between matter and antimatter for the first time
(tags:physics quantum )
Cake mass production (I found this video strangely relaxing - as did Sophia!)
(tags:cake video )
DC won't let Batman go down on Catwoman
(tags:sex DC TV comics )
How it actually feels to use a cane, wheelchair, and crutches
(tags:disability )
Ministers invested less than two-thirds of required 'cost of properly funding childcare in England - pushing prices up, forcing many women to stay at home
(tags:childcare UK conservatives OhForFucksSake )
Finally, a song for all the hungover people in the world
(tags:funny music video breakfast viaMyBrotherMike )
MDMA-assisted therapy is highly efficacious in individuals with severe PTSD
(tags:ecstasy psychology ptsd GoodNews )
Anxiety Is the Dizziness of Freedom (a short story about parallel worlds, parallel lives, and doing the right thing)
(tags:scifi short_story viaSwampers )

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