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Interesting Links for 07-06-2021

Scientists develop cheap and easy method to extract lithium from seawater
(tags:metal sea water GoodNews )
Puppies are able to track human social cues at just eight weeks of age
(tags:puppies dogs psychology humans viaPatrickHadfield )
What is Scandinavian Style Proportional Representation - and what would it look like in Scotland?
(tags:voting Scandinavia Scotland )
When your rescue cat rescues a cat
(tags:cat video cute )
Here's an interesting and unusual life
(tags:women life obituary religion )
Scotland's appeal to foreign investors bucks trend
(tags:Scotland UK economics )
Science Is Shaped by Wikipedia: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial
(tags:science wikipedia )
How do people feel about life extension?
(tags:life lifespan viaSwampers )
How 'One Hundred and One Dalmatians' Saved Disney
(tags:movies Technology Disney history dogs )
Sketch for a fanfic about the One Ring
(tags:lotr fanfic )

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Tags: cat, cute, disney, dogs, economics, fanfic, goodnews, history, humans, life, lifespan, links, lotr, metal, movies, obituary, psychology, puppies, religion, scandinavia, science, scotland, sea, technology, uk, viapatrickhadfield, viaswampers, video, voting, water, wikipedia, women

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