Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 04-06-2021

Cryobattery energy storage plant proposed for Highlands (claimed efficiency between 60% and 70%)
(tags:temperature air storage energy scotland )
Fifteen Years of Radar Reveal Venus's Most Basic Fact
(tags:space radar )
Disgraced Tory who Boris Johnson gave House of Lords seat against official advice donates £500k to party
(tags:corruption bribes Conservatives )
Is there now a final solution to the mystery of Dyatlov Pass?
(tags:russia snow death history )
How feasible would it be to inject you with microchips in your vaccines?
(tags:vaccination processor conspiracy technology ViaDrCross )
A Fart Joke Is Not a Pogrom
(tags:jokes propaganda Israel Jews genocide )
Thirteen on trial over online abuse and death threats to girl who attacked Islam
(tags:Islam abuse law France )

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Tags: abuse, air, bribes, conservatives, conspiracy, corruption, death, energy, france, genocide, history, islam, israel, jews, jokes, law, links, processor, propaganda, radar, russia, scotland, snow, space, storage, technology, temperature, vaccination, viadrcross

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