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Interesting Links for 02-06-2021

'My landlord wants six months' rent upfront'
(tags:rent uk )
China allows couples to have three children
(tags:china children )
The first complete sequence of a human genome
(tags:genetics )
Eighteen million trees to be planted around Glasgow
(tags:trees glasgow scotland )
A swimming pool. In the air. Between two skyscrapers.
(tags:swimming architecture UK )
Ever wondered what it looks like to crash into an erupting volcano?
(tags:volcano video drone )
Europe to US: Pass new laws if you want a data-transfer deal (also impacts the deal with the UK)
(tags:europe dataprotection usa uk )
Swiss abandon years of EU talks and reject treaty
(tags:Switzerland europe trade )
Covid in Scotland: Army brought in to help Lothian vaccine rollout
(tags:pandemic vaccination edinburgh scotland army )
Belarus has temporarily banned most of its citizens from leaving
(tags:Belarus dictators immigration )
One-Fifth of U.S. Beef Capacity Wiped Out by JBS Cyberattack
(tags:security cows meat )
Graph of average age versus vaccination percentage for UK council areas
(tags:graph vaccination UK age cities pandemic )
Clown-face privilege
(tags:privilege video gender abuse viaSwampers )
Woman tries to look after her mental health by not doing non-core part of her job, employer is a dick about it
(tags:mentalhealth anxiety depression sports tennis OhForFucksSake )
The Edinburgh city dwellers who want a more tribal way of living
(tags:Scotland Edinburgh housing viaJane )
David O Russell is not a good person to work with
(tags:work bullying movies )
NordLink joins Norway and Germany's electrical grids
(tags:norway germany electricity viaDanielDWilliam )
Nautilus - the best sounding, most visually striking speaker of all time
(tags:speakers sound Technology )

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