Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 25-05-2021

£300m investment to fuel electric car take-up in the UK
(tags:UK cars electricity )
18-29 year olds in Scotland can now register for a Coronavirus vaccine in Scotland
(tags:Scotland vaccination )
Socrates! Through! Time!
(tags:philosophy funny comic )
We have our first good look at Eternals as Marvel drops extended teaser
(tags:marvel movies )
Trials to suck carbon dioxide from the air to start across the UK
(tags:viaDanielDWilliam co2 research UK )
EU imposes sanctions on Belarus
(tags:airplanes belarus europe )
3 years of GDPR: The biggest fines so far
(tags:fines dataprotection Europe )
Wind power in Scotland: Go Forth and multiply
(tags:windpower Scotland )
What it's like educating schoolchildren about condoms
(tags:condoms contraception school funny )
How France is testing free public transport
(tags:France transport free )

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