Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

All family organiser apps are terrible - can you suggest something better?

I have been using a nice simple to-do list to keep track of the things I need to do around the house, and make sure they all get done (feed the cat, brush my teeth*, get the laundry on, make sure I have biscuits in my pocket before I pick Sophia up from nursery). It works really well, and importantly it allows me to snooze reminders until later, so that if I get reminded to feed the cat while I'm out I can say "Remind me in an hour" so that it gets done when I get home**.

I thought it would be useful to have a somewhat more featureful to-do app, that would allow me and Jane to share to-do lists. If nothing else, we could share things like "feed the cat" and whoever got to it first could tick it off the list.

And there were a bunch of family-oriented organiser applications. So I checked them all out. And they were terrible.

Ourhome - shared password for the family (?!?!?!?) and no way of snoozing reminders
Cozi - shared password for the family (?!?!?!?) and no reminders at all!
FamilyWall - notifications are a mess, can't snooze - can change the reminder time, but that changes the reminder time for all future instances of that task! Fed the cat at 7pm once? Feed them again at that time forever!
Picniic Family Organiser - looks to work well on iPhone, but on Android has 2.3 stars, and is apparently a bug-ridden mess.

I tried Todoist - but it's UI for postponing tasks (and seeing when they were now scheduled for is a mess.
Now trying out TickTick, which seems to do most of what I want, to the point where I'm going to ask Jane to give it a go and see what she thinks.

But I'm wondering if anyone else uses this kind of thing - does anyone have any suggestions for a decent to-do list app that works on Android and iOS, allows for recurring items that can be snoozed, and lets multiple users collaborate?

*By the time I get Sophia delivered to nursery and then back home again I have *no* idea if I managed to brush my teeth before I left.
**Jim's complaining is not reliable enough to tell me if he's complaining because he hasn't been fed, or because he was fed and already ate it.

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