Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 16-05-2021

Lavazza group are upset about a footballer defending Palestine
(tags:Palestine coffee football )
'Pan-coronavirus' vaccine shows early promise in monkeys and mice
(tags:mice disease virus vaccine )
Rules for UK citizens visiting France
(tags:UK France )
Gender explains only about 1% of total brain variance
(tags:gender brain neuroscience )
Mammals Can Breathe Through Their Arse
(tags:Oxygen mammals wtf )
Israel-Palestinian conflict: False and misleading claims fact-checked
(tags:Israel Palestine facts )
UK Blood Donation is getting more inclusive
(tags:blood UK )
Interviewing people on the streets in Israel to see what they think about Palestinians
(tags:Israel genocide OhForFucksSake video )
Four King Maps (what 3 words, but with swearing)
(tags:swearing maps )

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Tags: blood, brain, coffee, disease, facts, football, france, gender, genocide, israel, links, mammals, maps, mice, neuroscience, ohforfuckssake, oxygen, palestine, swearing, uk, vaccine, video, virus, wtf

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