Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 10-05-2021

Here's Britain's beloved royal family selling access to Putin
(tags:UK monarchy Russia corruption )
Serious questions for the Electoral Commission tonight as inexplicable ruling appears to have robbed the Greens (and thus the pro-independence camp) of two seats they should have won
(tags:elections GreenParty Scotland OhForFucksSake names viaDanielDWilliam )
Gravity is a double copy of other forces
(tags:gravity physics mathematics )
Tory 'Blue Wall' in south starting to crumble, claim Liberal Democrats
(tags:England politics libdem Conservatives )
Edinburgh ghost tour guide doesn't give a fuck
(tags:Edinburgh scary video funny true )
Why Did It Take So Long to Accept the Facts About Covid Transmission?
(tags:pandemic epicfail who virus history )
Freeport firms won't be able to export without paying huge tariffs
(tags:trade WTF UK )
Three new horror novels which take motherhood and birth as their starting point
(tags:motherhood childbirth children horror books viaClare )
Glass walkway in China loses panels in high winds, looks even more terrifying than usual
(tags:glass bridge scary China wind )
Justice League: Gal Gadot Confirms Threats To Her Career Were Made By Joss Whedon
(tags:JossWhedon OhForFucksSake movies )
The Animal is tired
(tags:age )
Buyer sought for £250m hydro scheme at Glenmuckloch
(tags:scotland hydroelectric storage electricity )
Boris Johnson being investigated over Caribbean holiday and flat renovation
(tags:BorisJohnson corruption )

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