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Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 03-05-2021

UK sends 1,000 ventilators to Covid-stricken India but pressure grows to let it keep vaccines
(tags:India pandemic vaccination UK )
Some advice on children
(tags:children advice )
The minimalistic way that Timpson uses data is fascinating
(tags:data business )
Some examples of male privilege
(tags:gender privilege )
Director's cut of Prince blowing minds on 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps' now has more Prince
(tags:music video )
GPs have now been told that they would not receive further first dose supply in the weeks commencing 26 April and 3 May
(tags:vaccine UK )
Amazon Q1 2021 - some thoughts
(tags:Amazon business money )
What would a Scottish National Care Service look like?
(tags:care age Scotland budget politics )
Millions on universal credit offered half price broadband from BT
(tags:broadband UK welfare )
When the key to success is trusting your employees
(tags:trust business viaDrDoug )
What conspiracy theorists don't believe is more important than what they do
(tags:conspiracy psychology belief media )
The most important question about Dune
(tags:scifi worm comic )

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