Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Life with two kids: The difficulty level.

1) Parenting one child between two parents is easy mode. Totally. (It's still really hard sometimes, but so much easier.)

2) The main thing you lose is the ability to just hand your child to your partner and suddenly have free hands/time. Now either you're swapping them for the other child or you're staggeringly aware that you've just left your partner with *two* irrational monsters who have different requirements and no truck with the idea that they should wait to have them fulfilled. (Sophia will actually wait for a bit nowadays. Unless it's something important. Or she's hurt herself. Or she's sleepy. Or she's gotten herself worked up)

3) I am *really* glad you get to practice on one kid before you have to manage two. I'd already had a ton of experience on "What to do in 300 different child-related situations and how to do them on only four hours sleep."

4) I have *so much respect for people who have twins. Particularly if they had them first time out.

5) My friend Nikki who had her twins as a single parent is a goddess and I do not understand how she did not die. But I do totally understand why she basically no memory of the first 6 months of their lives.

6) I've got mixed feelings about what it would have been like to have three. We're, frankly, too old to have a third, and don't have the house space. But it would have been an interesting challenge.

7) Good luck to my brother Mike and his wife Helen, whose second child was born on Friday!
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