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Interesting Links for 22-04-2021

James Bond: The Flowchart
(tags:JamesBond flowchart charlesstross )
How to make Disappointment a positive force in your life
(tags:advice philosophy happiness self-improvement life )
The majority of people in the UK think that transphobia is a problem. Including almost twice as many women as don't.
(tags:bigotry UK LGBT transgender polls )
Manhattan to stop prosecuting prostitution, dismissing cases dating back decades
(tags:prostitution USA GoodNews )
The Super League Was The Wrong Solution To A Real Problem
(tags:money football business )
Ousted No 10 aide complains of class bias in Westminster
(tags:class uk CivilService government )
'An uncomfortable chair' - why the international trade secretary wrongly believes trade deals are quick and easy, and why this false belief matters
(tags:trade uk doom )
Sleep deprivation impairs molecular clearance from the human brain
(tags:sleep brain )
Don't ask artists to share your kinks.
(tags:art fetish )
AmIUnique - checking if your computer can be uniquely idenfitied by its browser details
(tags:surveillance browser viaNathan )
Scotland set for hybrid-electric plane trial
(tags:electricity planes scotland )
Ferrofluid display cell bluetooth speaker
(tags:pretty video music metal )

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Tags: advice, art, bigotry, brain, browser, business, charlesstross, civilservice, class, doom, electricity, fetish, flowchart, football, goodnews, government, happiness, jamesbond, lgbt, life, links, metal, money, music, philosophy, planes, polls, pretty, prostitution, scotland, self-improvement, sleep, surveillance, trade, transgender, uk, usa, vianathan, video

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