Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

I need to know how you feel about working with computers

Yes, I know, no job is perfect, and you may well not like all of the associated stuff that goes along with it. If you like the "working with computers" bit then tick option 1, even if you don't enjoy your morning huddle.

Context is this tweet, where someone maintains that 90% of people in tech dream about getting out. Whereas I rather like working with computers, have wanted to do so since I was 12, and have no intention of ever stopping playing with them.

To clarify, as it seems to be causing confusion, by "with computers" I mean that your job is *about* computers. So if you're doing accounting, and computers are a tool you use for this, then that's not "with computers". If your job is specifically about making computers work better, differently, or otherwise specifically focussed on a computer-specific output, then that's "with computers".
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