Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 21-04-2021

Describing Groups To Children Using Generic Language Can Accidentally Teach Them Social Stereotypes
(tags:stereotypes children psychology )
Long, but good, piece on what the USA should do for its people economically (more trade deals, better rights/healthcare/wages - basically be more Europe)
(tags:USA rights economics )
Horizon Zero Dawn is currently free on PlayStation for a few days (and great), here are some tips for playing it
(tags:games PlayStation viaBartCalendar )
Gravitricity battery generates first power at Edinburgh site
(tags:gravity electricity Edinburgh Scotland )
Dementia Risk After Age 50 Increases With Less Sleep
(tags:sleep dementia age )
Scotland's largest pumped hydro storage project approved by ministers
(tags:electricity hydroelectric scotland )

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Tags: age, children, dementia, economics, edinburgh, electricity, games, gravity, hydroelectric, links, playstation, psychology, rights, scotland, sleep, stereotypes, usa, viabartcalendar

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