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Interesting Links for 13-04-2021

800-year-old medieval pottery fragments reveal Jewish dietary practices
(tags:Jews diet history food UK )
The 100 Best, Worst, and Strangest Sherlock Holmes Portrayals of All-Time
(tags:TV movies lists SherlockHolmes )
Holyrood bills to be challenged by UK government
(tags:UK law Scotland )
It's too late for vaccines to save Michigan, CDC director explains
(tags:vaccination USA pandemic Doom )
Tiger! Vs! Goose!
(tags:Tiger birds video viaCharlesStross )
So, how is Tumblr doing nowadays?
(tags:Tumblr orange )
Former SNP councillor quits Alba Party amid hideous claims against LGBT groups
(tags:LGBT Scotland politics OhForFucksSake )
Killings by Police Declined after Black Lives Matter Protests
(tags:protests police USA murder racism )
Men who identify as more masculine are more likely to refuse to use masks, take vaccines, or act safely
(tags:pandemic gender men masculinity USA )
That's England onto the 45-50s. Hopefully Scotland soon!
(tags:UK England Wales pandemic vaccination )
Demon's Souls mo-cap footage makes foam sword fights look intense
(tags:motioncapture games sony playstation )
This is my brother. And yes, this is really what he's like
(tags:viaMyBrotherMike computers games interview )
UK Government disbands LGBT+ panel of advisers
(tags:lgbt uk Conservatives )

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