Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 12-04-2021

The Cursed Computer Iceberg Meme
(tags:meme computers wtf )
French lawmakers approve a ban on short domestic flights
(tags:France flights globalwarming GoodNews transport )
"Technologies I Thought My Son Would Never Use"
(tags:technology history thefuture predictions )
There is no good argument for modern sex-negativity
(tags:sex argument society )
When I was a kid the insult "div" was quite common. To say its etymology is unclear would be an understatement.
(tags:language slang viaSarah )
The story of a man who transitioned, and what happened to his family who didn't
(tags:family lgbt transgender )
On firebombs in Northern Ireland and homophobia in Scotland
(tags:lgbt homophobia Scotland NorthernIreland bigotry sectarianism Europe UK )
What the Dufflepuds tell us about how CS Lewis thought
(tags:narnia consent )

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Tags: argument, bigotry, computers, consent, europe, family, flights, france, globalwarming, goodnews, history, homophobia, language, lgbt, links, meme, narnia, northernireland, predictions, scotland, sectarianism, sex, slang, society, technology, thefuture, transgender, transport, uk, viasarah, wtf

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