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Interesting Links for 02-04-2021

Historian Disgusted At Being Named As Adviser In Race Report And Accuses Downing Street Of Manipulating Him
(tags:history racism uk fraud )
Experts named in government's race report shocked to see their names in evidence contributor list
(tags:racism uk history )
WWII air raid shelter found in Edinburgh during cupboard clean
(tags:edinburgh wwii scotland )
60 Songs From 1999 Remixed Into 3½ Minutes
(tags:music video history )
Pfizer vaccine produces 'off the scale' immune response, study finds
(tags:vaccine pandemic )
Prior to the Chicxulub impact, rainforests looked very different
(tags:forests meteor prehistory )
New poll says Alex Salmond's Alba Party set for 3 per cent support
(tags:polls Scotland AlexSalmond )
isEven API - Tell if a number is even
(tags:AprilFool numbers )
105,000 years ago in the Kalahari Desert, people invented complex culture
(tags:culture prehistory Africa )
So far the Greens don't seem to be affected by the Alex Salmond Is Awesome Party
(tags:politics Scotland )

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Tags: africa, alexsalmond, aprilfool, culture, edinburgh, forests, fraud, history, links, meteor, music, numbers, pandemic, politics, polls, prehistory, racism, scotland, uk, vaccine, video, wwii

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