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Interesting Links for 01-04-2021

It's hard to draw lessons from your own failures (further on the guy who lost $10,000,000 running his company, and why he's learned the wrong lessons)
(tags:business failure )
This is my new favourite software license
(tags:software intellectual_property funny )
Biden plan eliminates billions in fossil fuel subsidies
(tags:USA coal oil subsidies GoodNews environment globalwarming )
Government communications should serve the public
(tags:propaganda UK government )
Apple commits to build "grid-scale" energy storage in California
(tags:electricity Apple California USA batteries )
If you applied Transgender size checks to the current women's rugby team 60% of them would fail
(tags:transgender sports )
Scotland to get new nature reserve as community 'achieves impossible'
(tags:nature Scotland )
Sir Keir Starmer on Labour's Brexit position: 'We have left the EU - there is no case for rejoining'
(tags:labour Europe UK )
Facebook bans 'voice of Trump' from platform
(tags:Facebook censorship USA )
PM's ethnic minority adviser quits role
(tags:uk racism )
COVID 'fuse' may have been lit weeks or months before the 'bomb' in Wuhan market (and there may be a bunch of other viruses which never make it big)
(tags:virus pandemic )
Pfizer: COVID vaccine shows 100% efficacy in adolescents 12-15
(tags:pandemic vaccine children )
Everything the Race Commission report misses, from evidence to humanity
(tags:racism uk )
49 brilliantly underwhelming local news headlines from across the UK
(tags:journalism uk )
Voxels: Terrain rendering algorithm in less than 20 lines of code
(tags:animation computers games history )
BMJ: Structural racism is a fundamental cause and driver of ethnic disparities in health
(tags:healthcare UK racism )

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Tags: animation, apple, batteries, business, california, censorship, children, coal, computers, electricity, environment, europe, facebook, failure, funny, games, globalwarming, goodnews, government, healthcare, history, intellectual_property, journalism, labour, links, nature, oil, pandemic, propaganda, racism, scotland, software, sports, subsidies, transgender, uk, usa, vaccine, virus

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