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Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 27-03-2021

You say you want a 'written constitution' for the UK? Here are four online places where it is already written down.
(tags:Constitution UK )
Learning to code 'will seriously change your life'
(tags:computers propaganda UK programming )
Alex Salmond becomes leader of new pro-independence Alba Party ahead of Scottish elections
(tags:politics Scotland independence viaDanielDWilliam )
Easter and paganism. Part 1
(tags:Easter religion history paganism )
Easter and paganism. Part 2
(tags:religion history paganism easter )
Ooh, DC got someone competent to direct The Suicide Squad reboot, and it shows!
(tags:movies DC trailer )
Solar Is Cheapest Electricity In History, U.S. DOE Aims To Cut Costs 60% By 2030
(tags:electricity solarpower GoodNews thefuture USA )
In Stockholm there's an IT battle underway for people's schools
(tags:it schools Sweden OhForFucksSake )
The parental consent case against the Tavistock has succeeded (puberty blockers no longer blocked)
(tags:LGBT law GoodNews transgender children puberty )
How The Hobbit became the best selling text adventure of all time
(tags:text adventure games TheHobbit history programming )
How a coronavirus variant tore through an English island and onto the world stage
(tags:UK Kent virus pandemic )
Police lied about officers with broken bones during the Bristol protests
(tags:protests police lies violence )

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