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Interesting Links for 23-03-2021

A write up of how someone was scammed for their savings
(tags:banks fraud viaSwampers OhForFucksSake )
Some details on why Sturgeon was found to have not breached the ministerial code
(tags:Scotland government )
UK, EU and US impose joint sanctions against Chinese officials over Uighur 'industrial scale human rights abuses'
(tags:UK USA rights Europe GoodNews )
Drone flight over a volcano
(tags:drone video volcano amazing )
Major employers scrap plans to cut back on offices
(tags:work office pandemic )
Edinburgh Sick Kids: The unusable hospital that is finally open
(tags:Edinburgh children hospital )
Making honey without bees and milk without cows
(tags:bees cows technology milk vegan )
Abortion: Brandon Lewis to take powers over Stormont laws
(tags:NorthernIreland law abortion )
UK and EU vaccine impasse ramps up
(tags:UK Europe vaccine )
At last: Rational Villainy
(tags:evil comic rationality funny )
Ed Brubaker has "mixed feelings" about The Falcon And The Winter Soldier
(tags:comics copyright tv marvel )
Food Exports To The EU Saw A Huge Collapse In January, With Salmon Sales Falling By 98%
(tags:trade europe doom uk food )
Result from LHCb experiment challenges leading theory in physics
(tags:physics )
Douglas Adams' motivational note to himself should go on every writer's wall
(tags:douglasadams writing )
What would the UK need to do to be ready for the next pandemic?
(tags:pandemic thefuture )
As things stand, the chances of defeating Johnson at the next election are miniscule (unless the economy goes horribly wrong or the opposition parties work together)
(tags:politics uk viaDanielDWilliam )

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