Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
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Interesting Links for 12-03-2021

Playing with ultra-thin dolls could make girls as young as five want skinnier bodies
(tags:girls weight health toys dolls psychology ViaDrCross )
Scotland-England link removed for overhaul
(tags:UK Scotland England bridge )
'Appalling' speech by equalities minister was final straw, says LGBT+ adviser who quit government
(tags:UK conservatives lgbt OhForFucksSake )
'Harry Potter' actor Katie Leung was told to deny she was target of racist attacks
(tags:racism harrypotter movies )
£1m Green gravity energy project gets off the ground at Edinburgh's Leith docks
(tags:electricity gravity Edinburgh Scotland )
The weird and wonderful world of Eiffel Tower replicas and derivatives
(tags:France weird design architecture viaDanielDWilliam )
Scotland makes it illegal to stir up hatred against minorities (and abolishes blasphemy laws)
(tags:Scotland abuse law blasphemy )
Peer-reviews for grants are not reliable
(tags:research fail funding )
UK exports to Europe drop 40% in January
(tags:UK Europe trade Doom )
How tiny things add up - in business, bureaucracy, and racism
(tags:viaDanielDWilliam racism business UK Europe trade journalism )
Britain cannot be reformed, it must be destroyed
(tags:UK racism price journalism viaDanielDWilliam )
Another successful Covid vaccine announced!
(tags:pandemic vaccine GoodNews )
BBC cancels comedy show for being successful while not being Pro Brexit or Conservative
(tags:BBC OhForFucksSake comedy tv )
Amazon Yanks Books That Frame LGBTQ Identity as Mental Illness
(tags:mentalhealth lgbt Amazon GoodNews )

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Tags: abuse, amazon, architecture, bbc, blasphemy, bridge, business, comedy, conservatives, design, dolls, doom, edinburgh, electricity, england, europe, fail, france, funding, girls, goodnews, gravity, harrypotter, health, journalism, law, lgbt, links, mentalhealth, movies, ohforfuckssake, pandemic, price, psychology, racism, research, scotland, toys, trade, tv, uk, vaccine, viadanieldwilliam, viadrcross, weight, weird

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