Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 26-02-2021

Why do video games matter? 20 books every player should read
(tags:games books )
Trying to weed out the good criticisms of Scott Alexander/Slate Star Codex
(tags:writing politics criticism )
Fashion Icon Katharine Hamnett Pauses EU Sales Due To "Catastrophic" Post-Brexit Paperwork (1 million employees in UK fashion, and 35 billion revenue)
(tags:fashion UK Europe Doom )
More details (and a video) of Edinburgh Council's car-free plans for George Street
(tags:Edinburgh transport video )
Why it was correct for an appeal court to allow a memorial in the UK to be entirely in Irish
(tags:UK Ireland language death )
Fun with French
(tags:French France language funny video )
US dashes Boris Johnson's hopes of quick post-Brexit trade deal
(tags:UK USA trade Doom )
The genetics of relatively healthy obesity
(tags:genetics obesity health )
I am unsurprised to discover that people who are good at critical thinking are less likely to fall for conspiracy theories
(tags:thinking conspiracy psychology )
MLM schemes in the UK: The cult-like beauty businesses in your DMs
(tags:fraud UK business )

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