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Interesting Links for 25-02-2021

'10-year prison sentences for breaching COVID-19 entry requirements into the United Kingdom'. How Governmental Decree is undermining the Rule of Law.
(tags:UK government law pandemic viaDanielDWilliam )
Five things worth knowing about the Mars Perseverance Rover
(tags:space mars Technology comic )
Robot War Dog Company objects to their Robot War Dogs being called War Dogs
(tags:robots military marketing )
The Boston Dynamics robot dog commercial with Terminator 2 music is just perfect
(tags:music robots terminator movies video )
Why are anime titles frequently so terrible?
I mean, I could understand it in ye olden days, but surely nowadays they have decent translators involved?
(tags:translation anime japan )
This is basically how I feel about the sciences
(tags:science physics chemistry biology funny comic )
Down with Bank Holidays.
(tags:holidays )
How do Scotland and England's routes out of lockdown compare?
(tags:pandemic UK England Scotland )
Timelapse: Spectacular eruption from Italy's Mount Etna
(tags:video volcano Italy )
Is the British way of raising kids weird?
(tags:children UK USA India Japan parenting sleep )
Historic Edinburgh street to get European boulevard feel
(tags:Edinburgh transport )
Scotland reaps dividend of Covid response that diverged from England (Google the headline if the paywall blocks you)
(tags:Scotland pandemic vaccination UK )

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