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Interesting Links for 12-02-2021

Scotland's vaccination programme is likely to slow down later this month because of supply problems
(tags:Scotland vaccination )
GameStop missed out on capitalizing on the Reddit rally
(tags:investment business regulation )
Leprechaun 'is not a native Irish word' new dictionary reveals
(tags:Ireland language history dictionary )
Nicola Sturgeon backed by majority of SNP support over Joanna Cherry sacking. Majority support GRA reform
(tags:snp bigotry LGBT transgender )
The Good Friday Agreement is now the most important single document in the constitution of the United Kingdom
(tags:Constitution UK NorthernIreland Europe law )
Stop cats from bringing in wildlife by playing with them more and feeding them a meat-rich diet
(tags:cats food meat play )
Houston Doctor Fired for Giving Away Doses of Covid Vaccine (that would have been wasted. Such a stupid court case)
(tags:pandemic vaccination USA wtf )
'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' to End With Season 8
(tags:police TV comedy )
Mark Kermode's pretentious review of an empty cinema
(tags:satire review funny movies cinema )
This perfectly sums up my dislike for Adam Curtis "documentaries"
(tags:video documentaries )
Rewilding: Beavers to be reintroduced in record numbers across England and Wales this year
(tags:UK beavers nature )
Have some fun, ridiculous chess variants
(tags:chess )
How the language people use changes during a breakup
(tags:relationships language )

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