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Interesting Links for 11-02-2021

Locus really need better editors working on their reviews
(tags:reviews fiction )
How To Build a Snölykta - Traditional Swedish Snow Lanterns
(tags:snow Sweden video viaNeilRodger )
'Fuck Your Feelings' Doesn't Apply to White Men
(tags:politics USA gender society racism sexism )
Charisma Carpenter on Joss Whedon's abusive behaviour
(tags:acting TV buffy abuse JossWhedon )
Stage meat - food you can eat on stage and still act around
(tags:food acting viaSwampers )
I see the EU is asking the UK to honour its promises. I can't see that going down well
(tags:UK Europe trade Doom NorthernIreland )
Amsterdam becomes Europe's top trading hub, ousting London
(tags:Netherlands shares finance UK Europe )
Temperature of -22.9C in Braemar 'UK's lowest in 26 years'
(tags:winter Scotland temperature cold UK )
Netflix acquires the rights to all 22 Redwall books, plans film and series
(tags:TV fantasy animals children books Netflix )
Weird Pride Day is March 4th
(tags:weird pride )

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Tags: abuse, acting, animals, books, buffy, children, cold, doom, europe, fantasy, fiction, finance, food, gender, josswhedon, links, netflix, netherlands, northernireland, politics, pride, racism, reviews, scotland, sexism, shares, snow, society, sweden, temperature, trade, tv, uk, usa, vianeilrodger, viaswampers, video, weird, winter

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