Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
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Interesting Links for 09-02-2021

The Queen's Consent - a strange and obscure feature of the constitution of the United Kingdom - and why it should be abolished
(tags:law uk monarchy )
Liberal Democrats are making the same mistake that doomed the Liberals 100 years ago
(tags:politics UK history libdem liberal )
Looks like our negotiations with the EU after Brexit are going about as well as the ones before it did!
(tags:UK Europe NorthernIreland trade borders Doom )
Single Pfizer vaccine shot 90pc effective (after 21 days)
(tags:pandemic vaccine GoodNews )
Freud! Vs! Jung!
(tags:psychology history funny comic )
Health care workers replaced Denver cops in handling hundreds of mental health and substance abuse cases — and it saved lives
(tags:mentalhealth police USA )
On transphobia and Silence of the Lambs
(tags:movies LGBT transgender )
Long cats are long
(tags:cats )
The noises made by United Kingdom ministers complaining of exclusion from European Union decision-making is the sound of Brexit
(tags:UK Europe politics )

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Tags: borders, cats, comic, doom, europe, funny, goodnews, history, law, lgbt, libdem, liberal, links, mentalhealth, monarchy, movies, northernireland, pandemic, police, politics, psychology, trade, transgender, uk, usa, vaccine

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